Harrow Garden Project, July 2016

Harrow Garden project is an inspirational initiative which was designed by the HUB (Harrow User Base) team in June  2014.  The project was inspired by the young people who attend the group as they identified the need to make the experience for service users “less daunting” and “more inviting.”

This project was designed with the idea that the garden would create a relaxing, calming space for the clinic, as well as giving young people the opportunity to contribute in a community project.

The HUB team spent many months designing the garden with the idea of keeping to the original sensory theme. This was achieved by planting colourful plants and flowers, which will bloom during summer month and throughout the autumn.  Lavender and a variety of herbs were also planted, which create a beautiful scent throughout the garden.

On 25th June 2016, young people and some staff gave up their Saturday to take part in the project.  Even the store manager of our local Sainsbury’s gave a helping hand. Everyone work really hard, and the day was a great success!  We regularly receive positive feedback about the garden from members of the public, service users and families.  Each young person who took part in the project was presented with a certificate of achievement. This project continues to be a great initiative for those young people who want to contribute to making a change in their community, whilst gaining some voluntary work experience.

We are pleased to have been able to maintain this project, due to the huge generosity and support from local business.  This year we were particularly successful in gaining donations from new companies such as Action Signs, who designed a beautiful plaque for the garden, as well as Poundstretchers and Poundland. Waitrose, Sainsburys, B&Q, and Floral Art supported this project for the second time, and gave generous donations.  We are incredibly grateful to everyone who took part in this project.  This would not be possible without their continued support.

Harrow Garden Project, July 2016 Garden Photos 2016