The Hillingdon Members of Youth Parliament visit Hillingdon CAMHS Focus Group

On 10 October 2016, World Mental Health Day, the Hillingdon Members of Youth Parliament visited our Hillingdon CAMHS Focus Group. IMG_3892

It was an opportunity to meet and greet, get to know each other and, most importantly, gain a better understanding of mental health services and the needs of children and young people with mental health difficulties in Hillingdon.

The meeting resulted in a very open conversation, where CAMHS Young People and Parliamentarians dared to ask frank questions, share experience and express beliefs and ideas.

Young People agreed on a number of issues that they thought should be addressed:

  • Raise awareness about existing mental health services.
  • Reduce stigma surrounding mental health by increasing knowledge, especially in schools, as they may be reluctant to for various reasons.
  • Increase peer support at schools who have valuable resources to offer such as a detailed understanding of each other, specific group dynamics and they’re often easier to approach than teachers.
  • Providing help for someone who is in trouble and asks for help- every single person counts.
  • Make CAMHS more accessible to young people.
  • Proactive approach offering

At the end of the sessions, it was agreed to return the visit of the Young Parliament. On 17 October 2016, CAMHS service users visited the Hillingdon Youth Council. The Young People suggested that such events should be the beginning of regular cooperation between the youth council and Hillingdon CAMHS.

On this occasion the Young People had the opportunity to get an understanding of the youth council’s work and participated in the session on a web-based project about stress and mental health well-being.

We would like to thank our CAMHS Young People, Hillingdon Members of Youth Parliament, the Youth Council and Marie Flemming for make these visits possible!