What do young people say about Hillingdon CAMHS?

What’s like? How does it help?

We asked people at Hillingdon CAMHS what they think of the service and they said:


“People are kind. It’s a nice environment. Things may seem scary at first but actually they do help you, they do change your life”.

“I started to see things clearer and I could see how to change things”.

“The first time is always going to be scary and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It will get so much better and eventually, in the long run, it will help you”.

“I think parents should come here because it helps them realise that mental health is an issue and it can hit anyone”.

“CAMHS has taught me how to cope with things, the exercises I need to do if I feel stressed”.

“You’re not on your own. You don’t need to feel like you’re the odd one out”.

“They’ve taught me that I’m in control of my life”.

“CAMHS has really helped…I’m more like my old self….”.

This feedback was gathered from a project called Patient Story, a discussion about young people’s experiences of coming to CAMHS.

Themes that were important to the young people included:

The process of starting emotional /mental health treatment can be a daunting process for young people coming to CAMHS for the first time

The recognition that anyone can become emotionally unwell. Nobody is to blame

The importance of parents of coming to appointments and understanding their problems

One young person wrote an inspiring poem about experiencing anxiety:


Push through the barrier, push through the pain
Just remember, its all in your brain
Fight the fear, it’s a battle you’ll win
Even though it’s a challenge to begin

Love and support is what you need
And just keep going, even when your heart bleeds
Bad days will come when you’re feeling so dark
But hope comes along and ignites a spark

I’m getting better every day
My positive thoughts won’t go away
I hope this is a message to you
That you can fight this and make a breakthrough

By a 12 year old boy, DH