Parents’ feedback

The following comments have been made by parents at the end of their child’s stay at Collingham:

“The atmosphere is healing. There is a real sense that [Collingham] can help with a child’s difficulties.”
“I found an instant feeling of being supported, and the speed with which staff understood our child’s difficulties and their impact.”
“The fact is, if they said something would happen, it did.”
“I liked the way all the staff were friendly and approachable.”
“It helped to know that staff are used to children’s difficulties and are able to provide help.”
“My whole journey with my son has been amazing. We have come a long way and achieved so much.”
“My son felt at home with staff [at Collingham].”
“[Collingham] is highly resourced with a lot of tools for resolving children’s difficulties.”

Feedback and advocacy

The staff at Collingham welcome feedback. We encourage you to raise any concerns that you or your child may have. You can approach any member of staff to discuss your views. The management team are happy to talk through any concerns.

The unit employs a children’s advocate, who visits the unit regularly. This provides children with the opportunity to talk to an external visitor about any concerns they may have while they stay at Collingham.

Parents can access Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust’s PALS service for independent advice about any concerns, as well as the Trust’s complaints procedure.