Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. We use cookies to improve the content and design of our website and give you a better user experience.

First party cookies (cookies set by us)

We set two cookies which control when you are shown our cookie message and how many smiles you find in the children’s zone.

Third party cookies (cookies set by others)

CNWL uses Google Analytics, a product that does things such as keep track of the number of visitors to the site and the length of their stay. Google Analytics sets various cookies. When you visit our website, Google Analytics will deposit the cookies on your computer to enable us to obtain this information.

The metrics obtained through the use of Google Analytics cookies do not include any information that would allow CNWL to identify visitors individually to the website; the data is anonymous. The anonymised data that is collected is stored on Google’s servers.

The Google Analytics data-sharing policy offers CNWL the option to share analytics data either ‘Anonymously with Google and others’ or with ‘Google products only’. UK government websites that use Google Analytics have been advised not to select either of these options. CNWL has chosen not to share the analytics data in either of these ways.

Some of our pages include Google maps. Google sets cookies to store information and preferences about maps or other associated Google services on pages where we embed Google maps.

For more information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to its privacy policy.

We set the following cookies:

Cookie name



cookie_policy This cookie is used to confirm that users have been notified of our cookie policy After 1 year
smile_index Tracks how many smiles you have found When you close your browser
Google analytics
Tracks how you interact with the website Some disappear when you close your browser and some last for up to two years
Google maps To store preference data for Google services Some disappear when you close your browser and some last for up to two years

Full details of the cookies set by Google Analytics are published on the Google website. Google also publishes a browser add-on to allow you to choose that information about your website visit is not sent to Google Analytics.