Behaviour and Family Support Team (BFST)

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Kensington Town Hall, First Floor – Pink Zone, Horton Street London W8 7NX Telephone: 020 7598 4911

The Behaviour and Family Support Team (BFST) is a specialist child and adolescent mental health service for children with moderate to severe learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorders.

We focus on the emotional, behavioural and mental health needs of children aged 5-18 years and their families who live in Kensington and Chelsea. The sorts of difficulties we can help with include sleep and eating problems, sexualised behaviour, toileting, aggression, and sensory issues impacting on behaviour. We accept referrals from different professionals as well as from parents.

We focus on intervention rather than diagnosis. The team works flexibly, providing input across different settings within the community, often with a practical or strategy-based approach. We work closely with parents, social services, education and other services involved in the child’s care. We also provide consultation, family support, social skills training and joint working with or referral to other services where appropriate.

The BFST has been seeing families since 2005. It is currently based at the Isaac Newton Professional Development Centre, but will be moving to a new site under the Westway (Malton Road Hub, Malton Road, W10 5UP) on 25 July 2014.

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