Get involved

For CAMHS to work at its best, it is essential that we listen to feedback from children, young people and parents who access our services across the London boroughs and Milton Keynes.

Currently, there are several CAMHS teams capturing your thoughts, feelings and ideas about the service you receive.

Involvement and participation can take a number of forms, such as focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, fun events and so on.

Some of the things in which children, young people and parents have been involved include:

  • Creating and designing this website, including sharing their stories
  • Improving the look and feel of the waiting area. This has included adding magazine subscriptions, a picture board, toys, reading materials and child/youth friendly decor
  • Staff interviews: sitting on the panels, designing questions and giving feedback
  • Redesigning leaflets, posters, invitations and first appointment letters
  • Completing feedback questionnaires and online surveys
  • Designing a quarterly newsletter
  • Talking to groups in schools about CAMHS

Focus groups

Regular focus groups include:

Young people’s focus groups

  • Brent User Network (BUN)
  • Harrow User Group (HUG)
  • Marlborough Community Group
  • Westminster Adolescent Group

Parents’ focus groups

  • Brent’s Parent Forum
  • Marlborough Community Group

For more details on how to be more involved in your area, please speak to someone in your local service.