What is privacy?

Privacy means that what you tell us is kept as private as possible – it is also known as ‘keeping confidentiality’. The only exception to us keeping confidentiality is if we become concerned about your safety or the safety of others. We will always try to discuss with you who we need to talk to and what we’re going to say, in a supportive and open way.

Who will know that I am coming to CAMHS?

Usually the person who has asked CAMHS to see you and your doctor (GP) will know that you are coming to CAMHS. It’s up to you whether or not you tell other people that you are coming.

At CAMHS we don’t talk to other people about you without discussing it with you first. Some young people find it helpful to let their school or others know so that people around them are more aware that they are having a difficult time. We can do this for you if you want.

Will you tell my parents what I say?

We realise that there are things you might want to talk about that you might not want your parents to know. We respect this, and what you tell us in individual meetings stays private unless we become very concerned about your safety or the safety of others. Before sharing anything with your parents we would always aim to talk with you about it first.

If you have any other questions about privacy or confidentiality please talk to your CAMHS worker.